Global Security Report 2011

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In 2010, SpiderLabs performed more than 220 investigations worldwide. In 85% of the investigations, a system breach was confirmed. Of those entities in which a system breach was confirmed, 90% involved the actual theft of sensitive data, representing criminals’ effectiveness in extracting data once system access is obtained. Cybercriminals simply selected a target, accessed data from that target and harvested sensitive data with little to no resistance.

Cybercriminals are repeatedly portrayed as individuals or a loosely connected band of individuals. But our research demonstrates that cybercriminals have evolved to integrate with the world’s organized crime rings. These criminal organizations are highly structured and are now investing in technology and technically skilled people to assist them in a primary goal: defrauding businesses worldwide.

Often the simplest solution to prevent cyber attacks is the one that most easily thwarts the attackers’ efforts. We see such information security solutions working every day. Unfortunately, many organizations take a tentative approach to information security due to the perceived complexity of the solutions to the problems they face.

Feb 8, 2021
Jan 26, 2011
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