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Visualize the Power of your Data - with Data Models


In today’s information-driven economy, data is a strategic advantage.  Those organizations who best understand their customers, products, and competitors are a step ahead in the market.  Yet growing data volumes, numbers of data sources, increased information complexity, and the diverse variety of user has made it difficult to take advantage data as a “corporate asset”.  

The typical organization today has:

  • More database platforms to manage
  • More data sources to integrate into a “single version of the truth”
  • More source applications and tools
  • And multiple audiences and business units to support

While at the same time being challenged with fewer resources.

CA ERwin Data Modeler helps organizations manage their data complexity.  The role of the data management professional has become increasingly challenging, with data architects having to act as a mediator between multiple audiences, multiple business units and departments, multiple tools and applications, and multiple databases.   Amid this complexity, CA ERwin provides a unified view of core data assets, saving time and money, and increasing the quality of data.  With the powerful visualization capabilities of CA ERwin r8, organizations can get a consistent, integrated view of their critical data assets—turning data complexity into information advantage.  Both business and technical stakeholders can now have a common view of information — visualizing the power of their data.


David Loshin President of Knowledge Integrity Incorporated

David is the President of Knowledge Integrity, Inc., a consulting and development company focusing on customized information management consulting and solutions, focusing on data governance, business intelligence, data quality, and master data management. The author of six books on performance computing and data management, David's most recent book on data quality is highlighted at He is a frequent speaker on maximizing the value of information.

Donna Burbank Senior Director of Product Marketing at CA

Donna is currently the senior director of product marketing for CA's data modeling solutions with more than more than 15 years of experience in the areas of data management, metadata management, and enterprise architecture. She has served in key brand strategy and product management roles at CA and Embarcadero Technologies and as a senior consultant for PLATINUM technology's information management consulting division in both the U.S. and EMEA.

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This resource is no longer available.