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Real world lessons on archiving data and documents to the cloud


This global company in the food and beverage industry had an SAP data archiving strategy in place: Data was being archived to keep the production SAP database running at peak performance. They also archived financial documents that support transactions. But even compressed, archived data takes up storage space, and when the data volume leaps into terabytes, storage becomes expensive. To make matters worse, that cost was going into storage of data that regulations required them to retain, but was very rarely accessed - if at all. The company needed to do something about the rising time and cost of managing terabytes of archived SAP data and documents.

Now, with Dolphin’s Content Archive Service for Cloud, the company has seamless access through the SAP application to data and documents, regardless of where the data is stored - online, nearline, offline or in the cloud. Analysis shows that over five years - during which time the database will rise to about 6 TB - the new cloud-based archive strategy will save the customer about $750,000 and free their database and network for more current, mission-critical data.

21 Jan 2011
21 Jan 2011
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This resource is no longer available.