Release Management: Closing the Gap in Application Lifecycle Management

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Businesses are struggling to keep up with the massive amount of change to their software applications. According to Gartner, documented requests for change (RFCs) can range from 300 per month for a small company to more than 5,000 per week for a Global Fortune 500 enterprise.

Most businesses have invested in automating their development processes. But few have automated the most critical part of the application lifecycle: release management. Release management is the process of deploying application changes into production without disrupting the business. But the process, for the most part, remains manual and inefficiently connected to the rest of the application lifecycle, leaving a critical gap between application development and operations.

By strategically automating the release management process, you can create a crisp, accurate process that dramatically boosts the competitive edge you get from application change. You optimize the path to production. You reduce your costs and your risk. You control your changes, improve business availability, simplify software audits, and free up staff time.

SERENA Software, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Jan 18, 2011
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