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Image-Based Data Protection: Simply Better Data Protection


Let’s face it - traditional backup methods are quickly going the way of the dinosaur. These solutions are long in the tooth - many designed over 20 years ago – and aren’t keeping up with modern datacenter needs. They’re inefficient, costly to run and maintain and provide insufficient recovery options. Definitely NOT what you’d count on to backup and restore data critical to your company!

Image-based data protection solutions are the next generation in data protection. Virtual servers run the show, creating image files that include all of your virtual machine systems. Further, image-based data protection jobs can be merged with the older backup schedules - so forget about the headache of setting up new backup schedules. Image-based data protection solutions are faster, easier, and provide rock-solid data protection across all of your environments.

In this Quest Software white paper, see why image-based data protection is the next step in protecting your company’s critical data. Learn about the true value of moving to a image-based data protection virtual solution, including a solid return on investment, and how this new technology works in your current backup environment. You’ll also understand more about virtual servers, and get solid insight about the two methods of the image-based data protection architecture.

Don’t trust irreplaceable data to archaic backup methods! Ride the wave to the future with image-based data protection solutions. Read this white paper today.

Dell Software
17 Jan 2011
17 Jan 2011
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This resource is no longer available.