Things You Always Wanted To Know About Windows Profile Management

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Why are Windows user profiles so critically important for corporate IT environments and how can they be managed efficiently? If you always wanted to have a profound answer to this question, this white paper is for you. Be prepared to get some technical insights that go beyond what Microsoft calls User State Virtualization. The successful management of user profiles turns out to be of growing relevance, both for physical and virtual Windows desktop infrastructures.

Immidio Flex Profiles is today’s most popular profile management product implementing profile segmentation. The graphical Flex Profiles Management Console helps administrators and IT professionals to interactively configure all necessary settings. The Immidio Flex Profiles Assistant – embedding Microsoft SysInternals Process Monitor – is the ideal product component for identifying the relevant profile information that needs to be taken into account for individual application or desktop settings.

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Feb 8, 2021
Jan 15, 2011
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