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Active Administrator™, Version 5.6.1


Product Type: Active Directory & Server Management

Target User: Network administrators and IT managers

IT Problem:
Managing the security and uptime of a Windows network requires you to master your Active Directory, the brain and heart of the network with maximum efficiency. The highest cost of Windows networks is not the price of the software or hardware, but ongoing IT staffing costs to manage the network.

IT Download Description:
Active Administrator™ is a comprehensive and proactive Active Directory (AD) management solution. Active Administrator provides four powerful integrated AD management features within one console, including centralized event auditing and reporting, back-up and recovery, Group Policy offline editing and rollback, and simplified delegation of AD rights. Active Administrator makes it simpler and faster than native Windows tools to exceed compliance regulations, tighten security, increase productivity and improve business continuity.

“With Active Administrator, we have a way to instantly restore user accounts, groups, permissions, etc.  Without this tool, IT would have to spend hours of administrative time trying to recreate what was lost. Active Administrator is the best tool on the market to keep your users happy and your IT productive!” - Joe Van Overberghe, IT Administrator

Download size: 113 MB

Terms of Trial License: Free 30 Days trial

Special Requirements: Active Administrator works great in Active Directory built on Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, or any mixture of them.

ScriptLogic Corporation
01 Jan 2011
29 Dec 2010
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This resource is no longer available.