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Mainsoft/Gartner Webcast: 'Social Email' Drives 4th Generation Collaboration Solutions


Enterprises today are investing in a host of collaboration tools, including Microsoft SharePoint, but they remain underutilized as people revert to what they know best, which is email.

Hear Gartner Research Vice President Matt Cain and Mainsoft CEO Yaacov Cohen talk about how to close the user adoption gap by bringing SharePoint collaboration and social features into Microsoft Outlook or IBM Lotus Notes.

Topics include:

  • The enterprise 2.0 adoption gap
  • 4th generation collaboration solutions
  • SharePoint-email integration
  • What by Mainsoft means for the end user
  • What by Mainsoft means for enterprise IT
  • Adoption of in the enterprise


Matt Cain Research VP at Gartner

Matt Cain is a vice president at Gartner, where he is the lead e-mail analyst. His coverage includes all collaboration modalities as well as collaboration theory. He is the creator of the concept of "contextual collaboration," which forecasts the marriage of collaboration services and business processes. Mr. Cain is co-author of "Strategies in Business Collaboration Management." Mr. Cain has more than 22 years of IT experience. He joined Gartner in April 2005 with the acquisition of Meta Group, where he specialized in e-mail and collaboration coverage. Before joining Meta Group in 1990, Mr. Cain was managing editor of MIS Week. He began his career as an editor for Electronic News.

Yaacov Cohen CEO of Mainsoft

Yaacov Cohen is the President and CEO of Mainsoft. He joined the company in 1994 and became CEO in 1999. Mr. Cohen and the management team are responsible for developing interoperability software for Windows and open systems, including C++ and Unix, C#/Visual Basic and the Java platform, and, most recently, SharePoint integration software for IBM Lotus Notes, Lotus Sametime, WebSphere Portal, and Rational Jazz. Prior to joining Mainsoft, he led development teams for Applicom Software Industries and served as a Software Engineer at the Israeli Navy Computer Center. Cohen graduated cum laude from the Technion Israeli Institute of Technology with a B.S. degree in computer engineering.

Mainsoft Corporation
Dec 27, 2010

This resource is no longer available.