IBM Information Archive for Email, Files and eDiscovery

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Across the world, 15 petabytes of digital data are being generated every day. Not only is there a lot of new information being generated daily,  but companies don’t know what content they have, much less know how long they need to keep it. Much information being stored today is either duplicated, irrelevant or overly retained. On top of that, the velocity of decision making and tight timelines to respond to regulatory, compliance and litigation requests are all forcing organizations to act faster than ever. And email-only archiving solutions are simply not sufficient, since the challenge comes not only from email but from a variety of information types.

This paper explains how you can take control of your content with an integrated, end-to-end archiving approach for email and files and Increase the business value of your data while driving down the costs and complexity of the infrastructure all while staying compliant with legal and business mandates, and enable quick response to requests for information.

Feb 8, 2021
Dec 23, 2010
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