A Better RAID Strategy for High Capacity Drives in Mainframe Storage

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RAID 6 has a long, proven history with Mainframe enterprise storage customers. However, two trends render RAID 6 less capable of meeting Mainframe enterprise storage systems' reliability requirements today. First, there have been significant increases in Hard Disk Drive (HDD) capacities. Second, the integration of SATA and SAS HDDs, currently many of which are evolved from consumer class HDDs, expose flaws in RAID 6 that require a different data protection strategy. This paper demonstrates that RAID 6 is less capable to prevent data loss with today's large capacity SATA and SAS HDDs. It will also share Oracle's designs to mitigate this risk. The integrity of customers' data is in jeopardy if these large capacity SATA/SAS HDDs are simply packaged into a RAID 6 group without additional mitigation.

Oracle Corporation
Feb 8, 2021
Dec 21, 2010
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