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Total Economic Impact Of IBM Social Collaboration Tools


The financial impact of collaboration on productivity and processes is often elusive. Yet companies are purchasing collaboration tools at a growing rate with the expectation that the impact will be real. As the world economy pulls out of the worst downturn in decades, many organizations are making a fundamental bet on knowledge worker efficiency to fuel growth during the upturn. To that end, new methods are emerging to quantify the value of better access to knowledge and expertise. That expectation has been fueled by the inclusion of social networking tools, which bring additional ways for collaboration to succeed within a business environment.

The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of IBM Social Collaboration tools in their organizations as part of a strategic investment in collaboration. Forrester’s aim is to clearly show all calculations and assumptions used in the analysis. Readers should use this study to better understand and evaluate investing in IBM Social Collaboration tools.

14 Dec 2010
14 Dec 2010
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This resource is no longer available.