Guide to Deploying and Troubleshooting Video in the Enterprise

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Recently, a study commissioned by Cisco Systems made a prediction that added a new word to the lexicon of the network engineer and IT director: zetabyte. The study predicted that by 2013, two-thirds of a zetabyte of video traffic would be on corporate networks. Many people quickly researched the term and found that it equates to one billion terabytes of traffic, a staggering number. Also, that same report predicted that 55% of all corporate traffic would be video, a dramatic change in the composition of information on the corporate network from what is currently there. Where will all of this video traffic come from? What forces will cause this? And why should network engineers pay attention?

Most network engineers just treat video as another application on their network and that may be sufficient in the early stages. The business case for corporate video is so strong, however, that, at some point, most network engineers will be responsible for delivering reliable, high-quality video across their network. Unfortunately, the combination of significant bandwidth requirements and the real-time nature of video, means that your network and toolkit may not be up to the task. The first step is understanding video and the second is being prepared to support and troubleshoot it.

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Feb 8, 2021
Dec 6, 2010
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