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E911 VoIP Essentials for Enterprise Deployments


Deploying VoIP across multiple business locations is a great way to simplify and streamline your distributed network and reduce costs, but how does a business provide E911 effectively across the enterprise and what are the legal requirements?

Today's Voice over IP-enabled, Internet-based phones offer multiple features for convenience of use that allow callers to use phones from virtually any Internet connection. While this technology has many benefits for end users, it has created many challenges for emergency communications call centers that were designed to receive calls from landline phone services associated with a fixed address. So, how does a carrier provide E911 services to remote locations; and what are the legal requirements for providing back up and E911?

This paper explains E911 service as it relates to distributed Voice over IP phone systems and networks. The objective of this paper is to help inform multi-location businesses interested in migrating to VoIP services about the evolution of E911, including the legal requirements, the difference between fixed and nomadic E911 service, and other key considerations; and also provides examples on how to properly configure E911 in the multi-location VoIP environment.

XO Communications
02 Dec 2010
02 Dec 2010
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This resource is no longer available.