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Driving Storage Efficiency with Real-time Compression


In today’s enterprise, your business processes are creating more data which is subsequently driving up the costs of storing and managing all that data. This includes data growth that is created as well as copied. Long term – this translates into acquiring more storage capacity, and the infrastructure to support it.

Today’s case study: A Fortune 500 insurance company set a goal of reducing their IT spending by 10% per year. To achieve this goal, dramatic steps needed to be taken in the area of storage.

This webcast podcast outlines the steps that the Insurance company took to achieve their IT spend objective and also their long term storage efficiency goals.

Check out this presentation to learn how IBM Real-time Compression for NAS helps:

  • Slow the growth of storage acquisition
  • Reduce the overall $/TB of storage for not only primary capacity, but for additional capacity related to the storage life-cycle
  • Reduce the amount of storage to be managed, powered and cooled


Daniel Gill Infrastructure Analyst, Fortune 500 Insurance Company

Daniel has 19 years technical expertise in the IT industry with extensive experience ranging from Wintel, Storage and Mainframe platforms qualified with ITIL and Project-Management skills. Currently working for one of the top ten Global Insurance companies, as an Infrastructure analyst, he has shown entrepreneurial qualities by introducing and implementing inline compression within his company by providing a deferral of storage costs for a number of years.

Steve Kenniston Global Storage Efficiency Evangelist, IBM Real-time Compression

Steve Kenniston is the Global Storage Efficiency Evangelist in the IBM Systems and Technology Group. Prior to IBM’s acquisition of Storwize, Inc., Steve was the vice president of Technology Strategy at Storwize. Steve has also served as the key technology consultant to the CTO of EMC’s Storage Software Group where he helped to define EMC’s vision for data protection.  Steve has worked for a number of industry leading storage companies and served as an Analyst with the Enterprise Strategy Group.

IBM Real-time Compression
02 Dec 2010
Dec 2, 2010

This resource is no longer available.