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Going the MSSP Route: Understanding Total Cost of Ownership Issues


As information security becomes both more important and more complex for enterprises of every size, business model and industry, IT organizations are confronting strategic decisions on how best to secure their companies’ most vital assets. Whether it’s customer records, confidential employee information, intellectual property or ensuring the ability to pass the next compliance audit, IT decision-makers are grappling with how best to resource this vital set of functions.

Although most IT organizations have worked with outsourcing firms as a standard practice for many years, only in the last five to 10 years have IT decision-makers begun relying more heavily upon specialized service providers for information security. These days, it’s common practice for companies to evaluate the benefits of hiring these firms as opposed to managing security tasks internally.

This white paper is designed to help IT professionals understand how best to analyze and evaluate the benefits of working with an MSSP organization in a critical context understood and appreciated by both IT and non-IT managers: Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Dell SecureWorks
23 Nov 2010
23 Nov 2010
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This resource is no longer available.