VMware and Dell Solutions for Small to Medium Business: Ensuring Rapid, Reliable and Affordable Disaster Recovery

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Ensuring that all of the systems and applications that run the business are protected against outages has never been more important. But SMBs continue to face challenges and tradeoffs as they implement disaster recovery programs. Traditional solutions for protecting against outages have been costly and complex, forcing organizations to accept lower levels of protection for all but a few key applications. According to primary research, the key challenge for all SMBs is providing effective back-up, recovery and high availability (HA) of key applications and data, and addressing planned and unplanned downtime issues. Most SMBs have at least a basic level of data protection (such as tape backup), but backup and restore alone cannot deliver the rapid and reliable DR capabilities that organizations need. Affordable HA and DR solutions are critical to the survival of all SMBs in the event of a disaster. Building on years of helping SMBs protect their information, VMware and Dell provide cost-effective and robust data protection, disaster recovery, and high availability solutions.

Dell and VMware
Feb 8, 2021
Nov 22, 2010
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