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SharePoint 2010 Document Sets: Better Ways To Manage Content


Content management (CM) is the process of managing information from a technology perspective. It encompasses all facets of data management to include the process of collecting and distributing information, regardless of the medium used. Digital information comes in many formats to include standard documents, audio, and video data. 

In the digital era, companies often struggle to organize the vast quantity of information at their disposal. The advent of digital content has raised several new challenges. The idea of multiple editors of any given document creates version control problems over time. Which iteration of the document is the correct or current version? 

The practice of content management is an attempt to corral information into usable, searchable documents or data that can be efficiently stored and found quickly when needed. A well-designed enterprise content management system (ECMS) implements automated processes that allow for documents to be either created or imported directly, institutes a versioning system, supports checking documents in and out for editing, and employs a robust workflow process to route the approval of new or revised content. 

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22 Nov 2010
22 Nov 2010
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This resource is no longer available.