IT Automation: Evaluate Job Scheduling and Run Book Automation Solutions

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The volume and complexity of data center tasks is generally expanding, and businesses are placing high demands and increasing expectations on their data and business processes. An important way that IT addresses these challenges is with IT automation. IT must use tools to automate a wide variety of processes in ways that not only improve efficiency, but also reduce risk and costs. Job scheduling automation and run book automation (RBA) are two important approaches that can help meet IT challenges. To get the most benefit from them it is important to determine the scenarios best suited for each approach.

Today IT deploys both job scheduling and RBA tools to manage many types of operational workload. Evaluating needs and defining the right solution for any given task is a complex, time-consuming undertaking. This document explores the environmental uses of job scheduling (batch processing) and RBA (IT process automation) and defines the conditions for choosing one solution over another. This document also notes when it is appropriate to run a combination of both to gain immediate benefits for business operations and continuity.

Cisco Systems, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Nov 19, 2010
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