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Ten Things You Should Know About SharePoint 2010


Whenever the new version of a popular application is released, it receives a lot of attention. The newest version of SharePoint, called SharePoint Server 2010 (SPS 2010) is no exception. Because its deployment affects so many areas of an organization, its new features and requirements should get careful consideration. SPS is definitely not just a new face on an old product, its predecessor Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS). 

Everyone using SPS will notice important changes after an upgrade. Desktop users will have a faster and easierto-manage tool that leverages the new capabilities of Microsoft Office 2010 and provides better browser support. IT administrators might have to make hardware upgrades because of the 64-bit requirements, and they will also find the management tools and options easier to work with. Developers will find better support for .NET applications, and the new options available when using themes will make web-site creation and maintenance easier. New and improved support for LINQ and PowerShell will benefit both developers and administrators. 

Many improvements have been made to SPS 2010, and we definitely won’t have time to go into all of them. However, in this white paper, we will discuss ten of the best new or improved features in SPS 2010. Because SharePoint affects so many areas of an organization, we will divide our discussion into two parts. We will look at five important features and options that affect the end-users in the company. Then we will look at five important features that will help administrators and developers do their jobs. 

Continue reading to learn how your organization can benefit from the new version of SharePoint.

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19 Nov 2010
19 Nov 2010
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This resource is no longer available.