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MarketScope for E-Discovery Software Product Vendors


Recession has accelerated the move to in-house e-discovery and more companies have brought, or are considering bringing, e-discovery in-house. This report will help enterprises build a business case, create a list of possible vendors and determine which ones best meet their needs.

E-discovery is a maturing market with entrants from multiple categories, including storage and archiving, search and information access, content and records management, and workflow, as well as tools designed as end-user applications for legal professionals and forensic data collection tools aimed at security professionals, regulators and law enforcement agencies. All of these categories of software vendors have added e-discovery to existing suites or purport to cover various aspects of the e-discovery process. There are also pure-play e-discovery vendors to consider.

Enterprises purchasing e-discovery software can reduce the costs of litigation by improving their control over unstructured content and semi structured content, most notably e-mail. E-discovery cuts costs and risks by taking control of litigation hold, litigation-holdtracking, file processing and legal review, instead of outsourcing these functions.

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Clearwell Systems
18 Nov 2010
21 Dec 2009
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This resource is no longer available.