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For Data Center Virtualization, IOPS is More Important Than Air


IOPS, or Input Output operations Per Second, are one of the key barometers to how well your storage is performing. It gives you a good idea of how quickly a storage request from an application or server can be fulfilled by the storage system. Typically the lower the IOPS the longer the requesting server has to wait. High IOPS is important for specific high transaction applications or concurrent/aggregate workloads like those found in the simulation and design fields.

Until the widespread adoption of server virtualization, high IOPS haven't typically been a requirement for the more typical data center "workhorse" applications. The combination of desperate virtual servers creates a highly random I/O pattern from each host. Adding additional VMs to a host result in a exponential increase in random I/O operations per second. The result is that every server in the environment is a potential IOPS consumer meaning that storage system IOPS is more important than air. Read this white paper to learn more about how to manage this vital resource in your data center.

BlueArc Corp.
17 Nov 2010
17 Nov 2010
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This resource is no longer available.