Virtual Machine Protection with Symantec NetBackup 7

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There's little question that server virtualization is the single biggest game-changing trend in IT today. Budget-strapped IT departments are racing to embrace the promise of virtualization for many reasons:

  • Extends current IT server investment —maximizes each server’s compute capacity
  • Optimizes server utilization—one server can run multiple operating systems (OS) and applications
  • Allows for flexible platform dynamics—run Windows today, Linux tomorrow
  • Smaller server footprint—very green IT that reduces energy and IT real estate costs

Because of the obvious total cost of ownership benefits of virtualization, and the maturing of the technology, virtual machines are assuming more business-critical roles in the data center. In a recent Symantec data center survey, more than 75% of all small, medium, and large enterprise companies listed server virtualization as one of the top technologies they are adopting. Read this white paper to learn more. 

Symantec Corporation
Feb 8, 2021
Nov 15, 2010
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