Help! The Applications Octopus is Strangling our Business! Is your business strangled by outdated applications and inflexible architectures?

Help! The Applications Octopus is Strangling our Business! Is your business strangled by outdated applications and inflexible architectures?


Is true success measured by the level of activity, or is it measured by accomplishments? With sprawling portfolios containing applications of many ages, technologies, and levels of quality, can businesses capitalize on the opportunities presented by new models and technologies, or will they be increasingly strangled by outdated applications and inflexible architectures?

Many organizations are trying to prioritize their projects to obtain better results from their IT investments and increase productivity. Businesses need to understand and identify the fundamental composition and structure of application portfolios.

In an ASG-sponsored roundtable discussion, William Ulrich, President of TSG, Ian S. Hayes, President of Clarity Consulting, Inc., and Ian Rowlands, ASG’S Senior Director of Strategy, will share their insights into how the transformation of business-driven information systems, combined with effective application portfolio management, can enable businesses to meet the many challenges they now face.


William Ulrich President of TSG, Inc.

William Ulrich is President of TSG, Inc. and a management consultant. Mr. Ulrich has worked with hundreds of corporations and government agencies over the past 30 years to ensure that businesses maximize IT value. He is coauthor of “Information Systems Transformation”, author of “Legacy Transformation Strategies” and coauthor of his recently published book, “Business Architecture: The Art and Practice of Business Transformation”. Mr. Ulrich serves as Co-chair of OMG’s Architecture-Driven Modernization Task Force and Business Architecture Special Interest Group.

Ian S. Hayes President of Clarity Consulting

Ian S. Hayes is founder and president of Clarity Consulting, Inc.  An industry analyst and management consultant, he advises Fortune 1000 companies on enhancing IT value by better targeting IT investments, improving the effectiveness of IT execution, optimizing the sourcing of IT activities and establishing measurement programs that tie IT performance to business value delivered.  Author of three IT books, he has chaired numerous industry conferences and his articles have appeared in publications such as Business Week, Computerworld, Optimize, Information Week and the Cutter IT Journal.

Ian Rowlands Sr. Director of Strategy, ASG Software Solutions

Ian Rowlands, Senior Director of Strategy, is responsible for the direction of ASG’s Applications, Service Support and Metadata Management technologies including ASG-MetaCMDB®, ASG-Rochade and ASG-Manager Products, for the creation and implementation of product launch and delivery plans and for creation and management of partner relationships. He has also served as Vice President of ASG’s repository development organization. 

ASG Software Solutions
Nov 16, 2010, 11:00 EST (16:00 GMT)
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