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Solr To The Rescue: Successful Migration From FAST ESP to Open Source Search Based on Apache Solr


Users of FAST ESP have become increasingly concerned since the purchase of Fast Search and Transfer by Microsoft in 2008. The discontinuation of the Linux platform and the subordination of FAST features into Sharepoint have created a greater sense of urgency to seek out alternatives. Many FAST ESP users are considering open source enterprise search based on Apache Solr as an option. This roundtable discussion will provide valuable insights for search users looking to make the change to Solr.

The panel covers factors driving the need for a FAST ESP alternatives, differences between FAST and Solr, typical migration project lifecycle & methodology, complementary open source tools, migration pro's & con's, best practices and customer examples, and recommended next steps.


Helge Legernes Founding Partner & CTO, Findwise

Helge Legernes is a partner, and co-founder of Findwise. With extensive experience in enterprise search as a CEO, and a long career at different consultancy companies as well as at FAST Search and Transfer, he has focused on enterprise search for more than 8 years.

Michael McIntosh VP Search Solutions, TNR Global

Michael McIntosh leads the technology development and innovation efforts for TNR's search engine services. With 16+ years of experience inĀ  software development, large scale systems design and operation, Michael has extensive experience developing, integrating and maintaining search technology solutions for companies such as FAST Search and Lycos.

Eric Gaumer Chief Architect, ESR Technology

Eric Gaumer is Chief Architect at ESR Technologies. He's implemented many high profile enterprise search projects for F500 companies, and was formerly a consultant for FAST, working with clients and helping drive product innovation. Prior to joining ESR, he was Director of Systems Engineering at Prime Networks, where he managed software development and migrated an entire data center from RedHat to Debian Linux. He has deep experience with Lucene/Solr, Python, NLP, and data mining.

Lucid Works
Nov 18, 2010, 14:00 EST (19:00 GMT)

This resource is no longer available.