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Messaging in the Cloud: Embedding an Email, Mobile, and Social Infrastructure


Developing and establishing a reliable infrastructure around messaging platforms such as Email, Mobile, and Social at massive scale can be a challenge for many businesses in today’s high-tech marketplace. Companies need to deliver highly relevant, targeted communications to customers, thus creating high demand for a robust, feature-rich messaging tool that offers Email, Mobile, and Social functionality. If you’re an independent software vendor (ISV), social network, or developer tasked with building and managing a mass Email, Mobile, or Social infrastructure for your application, then you’re probably very familiar with the pressure to cut spending, boost ROI, and maximize limited resources. Don’t get stuck in the “build versus buy” dilemma.

Although Messaging Platform as a Service (MPaaS) is a newer niche in cloud computing, it’s a natural fit for gaining efficiencies of scale and reliability by using the infrastructure of messaging providers like ExactTarget. It greatly benefits companies who leverage messaging in the cloud because they receive reliable, scalable email capabilities without the significant costs of hardware, operating systems, development costs, and personnel to manage it all.

In this paper you will learn more about this new niche in cloud computing called MPaaS. Continue reading to learn more about an unmatched one-to-one messaging solution that provides unbeatable deliverability - without the hassle of new capital investments and the resources to manage it.

29 Oct 2010
29 Oct 2010
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This resource is no longer available.