Mind the Gap: CISOs Work to Narrow the Breach-to-Detection Gap for Better Security

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Compliance is indeed a conscientious effort toward securing corpo­rate assets. Over the past decade, IT organizations have committed much time and money to the cause whether conforming to internal standards or mandates from regulatory bodies. Despite best-effort compliance programs, security breaches are still happening. CISOs aren’t always realistic about closing those gaps and definite improvements can be made via configuration and change management. In fact, despite best-effort compliance programs, security breaches are still happening. For example, the recent Heartland Payment Systems CEO claims the company was in compliance only a week before its scandalous breach. At the same time, many breaches fly under the radar, unnoticed for too many months even when, in most cases, the evidence is right there in log files that are collected as part of compliance efforts.

Continuous compliance can help you narrow the gap between a breach and its detection allowing enter­prises to repair systems to an audit-passing state before damage occurs. Tripwire’s comprehensive prod­uct suite is designed to do exactly that by: providing the visibility, intelligence and automation so enterprises can detect changes that may threaten their security and speed remediation. This end-to-end security solu­tion ultimately helps reduce the risk window from months to minutes for a more secure enterprise.

Tripwire, Inc.
Feb 8, 2021
Feb 8, 2011
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