IT Briefing: Breakthrough economics for your business: DB2 pureScale & Smart Analytics Systems on IBM servers powered by Intel Xeon processors

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The volume and complexity of data and transactions that IT organizations must handle never lets up. IT needs tools that support reliable and cost-effective management and transformation of that data into trusted, consistent, and real-time information that informs the interactions of people, processes and applications throughout the enterprise. IT must also make effective use of today’s increasingly sophisticated BI tools to better understand market trends and customer needs, uncover new business opportunities, identify risks, and continually optimize operational efficiency. Intel and IBM have been working together for many years to deliver optimized computing solutions that help businesses address these mission critical challenges more effectively.

Join Intel and IBM as they discuss analytical and transactional solutions that drive faster and smarter business decisions. Intel and IBM are delivering exceptional new capability and value for enterprise computing, with a new family of highly scalable and reliable servers, plus complete database and business intelligence solutions that deliver quick time to value and provide a flexible foundation for nearly unlimited growth.

IBM and Intel
Feb 8, 2021
Oct 27, 2010
IT Briefing
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