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The Challenges and Importance of Protecting Virtual Desktop User Data


VDI environments create another layer of complexity when it comes to finding and protecting user data. In shared disk environments, do the users know not to store data on their local drive (which may be wiped out at next login)? And in persistent image VDI environments, how does IT identify and backup the user data that's inevitably scattered throughout hundreds or thousands of user disk images?

The complexity doesn't end there. Most organizations setup parallel disaster recovery environments that are continuously synced and kept "warm" in case of primary site failure. In the days of protecting file shares and databases, this was pretty straightforward. But now that VDI has moved hundreds of desktops into the datacenter, how does IT find, protect, and replicate all THAT data too?

Finally let's not forget that many organizations are extending their VDI environments locally onto client devices that allow users to work offline. Imagine the impact of protecting all the user data out there too!

Clearly user data protection is a key aspect of a VDI or desktop virtualization environment. In this videocast, industry experts Brian Madden and Gabe Knuth will dig into these issues and the myriad of techniques you can use to address these challenges in your environment today.


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26 Oct 2010

This resource is no longer available.