CSC Germany Expands Digital Faxing via Open Text Fax Server Integrated with Lotus Notes and SAP

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CSC Germany, a global IT solution provider, sends and receives close to 1,500 faxed pages per month. Years ago, the procurement team had to print purchase requests, then go to a fax machine and manually send the documents. It was a time-consuming process.

In 2002, the company installed an electronic fax solution linked to its Lotus Notes and SAP systems. However, within a few short years CSC was hindered by product limitations. The Lotus Notes-embedded fax software did not support any redundancy mechanism or expanded use. As such, every update to Lotus Notes risked fax failure, and further more the software could only be used at the headquarters office.

So CSC turned to Open Text to alleviate these problems. This case study discusses how CSC used Open Text Fax Server, Fax Server Connector for Lotus Notes, and Fax Server Connector for SAP to add the needed flexibility.  Read on to learn all the benefits they experienced from Open Text and learn how you can experience the same benefits.

Apr 2, 2021
Oct 25, 2010
Case Study
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