Storage Magazine Online October 2010

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Server and desktop virtualization have been applauded by all IT professionals – except the storage managers who now have to deal with the added layer of complexity brought on by these technologies.

Fortunately, in this month's cover story, Eric Siebert outlines 10 tips that can ease the stress and challenges of managing storage in a virtual environment.

  • Also in this month's online magazine:The results of our latest Storage magazine/ Purchasing Intentions Survey
  • Storage editorial chief Rich Castagna discusses how the flurry of storage vendor acquisitions will affect storage managers
  • W. Curtis Preston explores how to integrate the cloud with your backup app
  • Terri McClure examines the pros and cons of block vs. file storage for virtual server environments
  • In his latest StorWars column, Tony Asaro wonders why it’s harder to get straightforward information about today’s storage technologies
  • Jeff Byrne outlines the current state of storage’s newest hot topic – capacity optimization
  • And more

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Oct 21, 2010

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