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Improving Data Center Relations: IT Versus Facilities


It's no secret that there is discord between IT staff and facilities managers in organizations with large data centers.  You’ve heard the stories: An IT manager buys a new SAN without consulting the facilities team first, and the equipment sits on the loading dock for eight months because it’s too heavy for the raised floor. Or an IT department budgets $4 million for a new application with a blade server system, only to spend $40 million to build a new facility that houses high density equipment. Today, IT resources can be provisioned quickly and cheaply—some would say too quickly and cheaply. But those IT resources rely on brick and mortar as well as megawatts, which are abstracted from the IT department. This Webcast will identify pitfalls data center teams should avoid.


Julius Neudorfer CTO and Founding Principal of NAAT

Julius Neudorfer has been CTO and a founding principal of NAAT since its inception in 1987. He has designed and managed communications and data systems projects for both commercial clients and government customers.

Steve Bigelow Senior Technology Writer for

Steve Bigelow is senior technology writer for and author of the eBook chapter IT Pros are from Venus, Facilities Pros are from Mars.

Viridity Software
20 Oct 2010

This resource is no longer available.