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Human Capital: The New Measure of Performance in Manufacturing


Over the past several decades, U.S. manufacturers have typically focused on financial outcomes to measure performance within their plants. While this strategy has served manufacturers well in the past, the 21st-century playing field contains an evolving set of competitive challenges. New challenges are requiring manufacturers to rethink how they measure and improve their competitive success.

Because of these new challenges, more and more U.S. manufacturers are looking beyond their financial and technological capital for new opportunities to improve performance and drive efficiency. These companies are looking at the quality and performance of their human capital. A manufacturer’s ability to produce high-quality goods at a low cost is clearly tied to the quality of the workforce it hires. Today more than ever, the fast track to increased work performance and business outcomes is to find and hire the best possible people.

This paper explains how workforce selection - using science-based Behavioral Assessments to screen, select, and hire the best talent - is emerging as a vital new source of strategic advantage for manufacturers across the U.S. Continue reading to learn how using behavioral assessments to select and hire new employees can greatly improve the accuracy of hiring decisions.

Kronos Incorporated
15 Oct 2010
15 Oct 2010
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This resource is no longer available.