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Unified Physical Infrastructure℠ Solutions for the Data Center A Service Management Approach to IT Physical Infrastructure Management


Visibility in the data center has become a complicated exercise. Compute and storage resource virtualization and higher physical density of these devices bring with them a host of benefits, but the task of managing this “virtual world” effectively relies on understanding its physical environment. Although many data center solutions provide a logical representation of the data center, and many instrumentation devices exist to collect data about the physical environment, few applications can automatically tie a logical view of the world to a physical reality.

To a great extent, this leaves the physical infrastructure and its performance invisible and unmonitored in most organizations. This lack of visibility can have a profound and immediate impact on the success of your business. After all, customers may have limited interest in the details of any specific infrastructure disruption, but they take quick notice when critical business services like email, order management, and investment management are disrupted or degraded. The longer it takes an organization to track down the source of the disruption, the deeper the impact will be on the bottom line.

05 Oct 2010
01 Sep 2010
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This resource is no longer available.