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The Emergence Of Service Assurance For Enterprise IT


Business productivity increases have been pegged on IT and its ubiquity in the enterprise. The emphasis on performance is reinforced by the direct link between insufficient response times and availability and business losses. Poor performance has grown from a subjective user satisfaction problem into one quantifiable in lost revenue and productivity. Each evolution of application technology and business services brings another level of complexity and increases the obsolescence of traditional IT management processes and tools, especially regarding performance prediction. These considerations reveal a new management concept for quality and performance of business services, called "service assurance."

Our study of enterprises in the US and UK surfaced concrete themes around an ideal service assurance solution's capabilities: 1) monitoring end user experience; 2) rapidly identifying the components at fault and the root cause of the performance problem and 3) bringing together data in context from all components supporting a business service.

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29 Sep 2010
04 Apr 2010
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This resource is no longer available.