Re-make or Re-model? A Cloud Computing E-Book, Chapter 2

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The upsurge in cloud computing presents development teams with challenges that may require them to rethink  established ways of building applications. One school of thought maintains that the best bet is to upload applications as they are to the cloud, doing as little rework as possible. Another school contends that applications should be radically re-cast if they are to fully exploit cloud architecture. For developers, the issues play out on several levels. Software architectures will be reviewed in terms of memory: how development teams allot processes in memory, how they call to relational databases and whether they should use relational databases at all. Read this e-book, which discusses languages for cloud computing, distributed caching, scaling horizontally, and changing data architectures midcloud, for further discussion of these issues.

Feb 8, 2021
Sep 21, 2010
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