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Can you Leverage the Cloud for Data Management? Strategies and Ideas


Is data management in the cloud ready for widespread use? This podcast assesses the current state and potential future of cloud data management and provides expert advice on how to decide whether the cloud approach is right for an organization. You’ll also learn how to develop strategies for taking advantage of cloud data management technologies. Check out this podcast to get:

  • An overview of recent cloud data management developments and an assessment of the maturity of cloud technologies.
  • Tips on how to evaluate whether cloud-based data management is a good fit for an organization.
  • Guidance on setting a strategy for using cloud data management technologies, both as a replacement for and in concert with on-premise products.
  • A discussion of the potential benefits and challenges of integrating cloud data management tools with existing systems.


Rick Sherman Founder, Athena IT Solutions

Rick Sherman is the founder of Athena IT Solutions, a Stow, Mass.-based firm that provides data warehouse and business intelligence consulting, training and vendor services. In addition to having more than 20 years of experience in the IT business, Sherman is the author of more than 50 articles, a frequent industry speaker and an expert contributor to both and He blogs at The Data Doghouse and can be reached at

01 Oct 2010
Sep 28, 2010

This resource is no longer available.