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NCR 2010 Consumer Research Reveals that Patients Want Self-Service to Better Manage Healthcare Expenses


Patients seeking greater convenience when paying healthcare bills.

New consumer research commissioned by NCR Corporation reveals that patients are increasingly seeking self-service convenience when managing the financial aspects of their healthcare experience. Hospitals and clinics that enable patients to view payment histories and settle outstanding balances via online and mobile channels have an opportunity to increase revenue collection, improve patient satisfaction and drive loyalty.

With the steady growth of consumer-directed care, patients continue to bear greater financial responsibility for their medical expenses and overall health management. As patient collections comprise a greater portion of healthcare organizations’ revenue, hospitals and clinics must find new and innovative ways to boost collections in order to improve cash flow and minimize patient bad debt. At the same time, healthcare providers are heavily investing in technology solutions to help improve the cost, quality and efficiency of care delivery, including patient-facing solutions that assist individuals in the management of their personal health information.

To help hospitals and clinics better understand how these changing dynamics are transforming today’s healthcare environment, NCR commissioned consumer research to provide insight into how providers can better empower patients to take charge of their care.

NCR Corporation
27 Sep 2010
27 Sep 2010
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This resource is no longer available.