Virtual Desktop Foundations eBook: Chapter 1- Restructuring for Virtual Desktops

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Desktop Virtualization is an emerging technology that offers new ways to deliver applications to end users. It promises to save shoe leather, and maybe even lots of time, since IT managers are centrally managing and securing software versus keeping track of what runs on hundreds or even thousands of local machines.

But installing virtual desktops is still difficult because, unlike the server world where virtualization means consolidating boxes of similar function, desktops are as individualistic as their owners. For that reason, end-user acceptance is crucial to the success of the project. If end users aren’t happy with the performance, level of control, or look and feel of their productivity tools, guess who suffers?

Our Virtual Desktop Foundations e-book will prepare you to introduce virtual desktops into your enterprise by answering a few critical questions. What are some considerations? How should you upgrade your infrastructure? Is your WAN optimized? When is the best time to migrate desktops to a new OS? Do you need more storage? We’ll also take a look at some future application delivery methods.

Pano Logic, Inc
Feb 8, 2021
Sep 22, 2010
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