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The Many Benefits of Lean IT


Can a leaner approach to IT deliver greater value at lower cost? Flextronics' CIO David Smoley reveals how a lean approach to IT, similar to successful methods used in manufacturing, delivers greater value to organizations and their customers.

In this video, Smoley describes how IT executives are constantly called upon to reinvent themselves to improve business processes. Flextronics implemented a global, cloud-based system in 30 countries that consolidated 80 disparate systems into one platform. This lean IT approach saved the company millions of dollars and enabled business units worldwide to run more effectively.

Smoley explains the benefits of lean IT, including:

  • Internal consolidation
  • Improving communication among units or departments
  • Increasing value to the customer
  • Saving money for the organization

View the video to learn how lean IT can solve business challenges.

Cisco Systems, Inc.
20 Sep 2010

This resource is no longer available.