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Benefits of Automating Data Warehousing


In today's economic climate, reliable and up-to-date Business Intelligence (BI) is crucial for decision makers to deliver world-class business performance and stay on top of their competition. Trusted and fast data warehousing is key to delivering business-critical reports to business users at the right time, anywhere. The amount of data that needs to be collected across a company’s business units, applications, and external sources grows exponentially. Additionally, more and more applications are hosted as a service in the cloud.

Ensuring that information is available at the right time to make strategic, tactical, and operational decisions can be a challenge. Typical data warehouse operations deal with extremely large amounts of data. Missing one step in the process, or executing a step at the wrong time, can result in a significant amount of wasted processing time – or in the worst case scenario, bad data.

This white paper explains how UC4 can be used to integrate all software used in the data warehouse process into enterprise process automation to ensure the timely delivery of trusted BI reports to your business users.

UC4 Software, Inc
08 Nov 2010
16 Sep 2010
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This resource is no longer available.