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Intel® and Oracle on Dell PowerEdge Servers: Building Next-Generation IT


The synergies between Oracle software, Dell PowerEdge servers, and the Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series create a high-performance, energy-efficient solution stack that's even more valuable than the sum of its parts, whether it runs in a physical or virtualized environment. Refreshing hardware and software together is the key to successful solutions and rapid return on investment (ROI).

This paper demonstrates the value of combining Oracle software with the latest Intel Xeon processors on Dell PowerEdge servers. It begins with an overview of the collaboration that created these synergies, before detailing the major areas where they are manifest to end-customers: intelligent performance, automated energy efficiency, and flexible virtualization.

Next, it explores each of those pillars of benefits, showing how the hardware and software work together to maximize value to customers. Finally, the paper concludes with an explanation of why refreshing hardware and software together is the key to unlocking the benefit of Oracle-Intel on Dell PowerEdge servers to IT organizations, in terms of fast ROI and low total cost of ownership.

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Dell, Inc. and Intel®
15 Sep 2010
15 Sep 2010
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This resource is no longer available.