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Copper Cabling Troubleshooting Handbook


Cabling installation is a multi-step process. It is a prudent practice to certify the cabling system after installation to ensure that all installed links meet their expected level of performance. Certification will likely identify some failing or marginally passing results. In order to deliver a high quality cabling system, the defects that cause the failures and marginal passes must be uncovered and corrected.

The Fluke Networks certification tools have always provided unique and powerful diagnostics assistance to installation technicians. By knowing the nature of typical faults, and how the tester’s diagnostics report them, you can significantly reduce the time to correct an anomaly, an installation error or a defective component. Personnel responsible for the networks operation can also benefit from the diagnostic capabilities of a certification test tool; with the tester’s assistance they can limit the duration of network downtime and restore service quickly.

Familiarize yourself with the capabilities of your test tool. A modest investment that pays for itself many times over.

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15 Sep 2010
14 Sep 2010
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This resource is no longer available.