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Evaluating The Performance Of Shared WAN Links For Data Center Backup And Disaster Recovery


Today’s businesses are fueled by IT. New applications and IT capabilities are redefining employee productivity and customer experiences. But as organizations embed IT in all aspects of the business, they require guaranteed availability of these applications and data. As a result, today’s IT leaders need a bulletproof business continuity strategy built on multiple data centers. Running a single data center risks a catastrophic outage that would bring the business to a halt. So it’s no surprise that as organizations architect multiple data centers, backup and disaster recovery efforts bubble to the top as critical priorities. But this also exposes an escalating dilemma: How do you cost- effectively add disaster recovery and backup traffic to your current network load? The complexity — and, therefore, the cost — of running and managing dedicated links among backup data centers can be downright staggering. However, the performance characteristics of shared WAN links leave much to be desired. How are enterprises tackling these issues, while battling ever-increasing bandwidth demands? This Tech Adoption Profile (TAP) explores how IT decision-makers are linking data center backup and disaster recovery and backup data centers with their WAN strategies.

Silver Peak
08 Sep 2010
08 Sep 2010
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This resource is no longer available.