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Taking the Pain out of Data Protection, Recovery and Restore


Disaster Recovery can be daunting. It requires offsite duplicate data, infrastructure, storage, systems, networks, floor space, rack space, cables, power, cooling, etc. Far too many organizations take a look at the cost and decide they just can’t afford it. Per the May 2010 Information Week Business Continuity Disaster Recovery published survey of the Global 2000, 37% said they had no current DR plan. Sixty eight percent of those said it was because it is too expensive and too complicated. The better question is whether they can afford not to have it. Per Gartner, IDC, and ESG, 95% of those organizations that failed to recover their data and systems within two weeks of a disaster were out of business within two years. This is not a pretty picture. Regrettably, the consequences of poor DR preparedness will only come to light when there is a disaster. Up until then, it is a hypothetical risk. Unless an IT organization has experienced a disaster, they are far more likely to tolerate the incredible risk.

There has to be a better way. There is. 

Zetta Inc.
07 Sep 2010
07 Sep 2010
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This resource is no longer available.