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Sales: Maximize Profitability, Improve Performance, and Deliver Customer Value


Effective sales organizations do more than just meet revenue goals. They find new ways to achieve their goals while ensuring their sales professionals maintain focus on activities that foster profitable customer relationships. They identify which activities move opportunities through the sales cycle and which do not. They apply resources to areas where they can be most effective. They minimize drive time and maximize face time with their most valuable customers. They assign high-value accounts to top- performing sales professionals and define territories to optimize account coverage.

This paper explains how the SAPĀ® Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) application supports these and other sales activities for organizations in all industries, of all sizes, and across all sales channels. It equips your sales professionals with the tools and information they need to plan, execute, and analyze sales operations throughout the sales cycle. It helps you find new ways to accelerate buying decisions, uncover new areas of revenue potential, and implement new methods to improve sales productivity.

Continue reading to learn how to maximize profitability, improve performance, and deliver customer value with SAP CRM.

SAP America, Inc.
03 Sep 2010
03 Sep 2010
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This resource is no longer available.