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Enhancing Constituent Perceptions with CRM for Public Sector: Advancing Beyond Efficiency and Service Improvements


Demands for accountability are greater than ever, media scrutiny is growing, citizens are increasingly disengaged from the political process, and time-pressed constituents expect responsive services. Government is becoming more global, and work processes are rising in complexity as various branches of government recognize the need to collaborate. The role of public sector organizations is being transformed from provider to manager as governments outsource services and establish partnerships with businesses.

By using software solutions to enhance customer relationship management (CRM) processes, governments can improve performance toward the levels constituents are accustomed to receiving from the private sector. But to truly succeed, governments must go beyond improving basic cost saving and service effectiveness to shape constituent perceptions about programs designed to serve them.

This paper explores how by adopting a CRM strategy with software solutions, government agencies can achieve a host of benefits when it comes to streamlining business processes and analytical capabilities. Read on to learn how By enabling such CRM processes with software solutions, governments can build communication campaigns that help shape the public’s perceptions and advance the value delivered.

SAP America, Inc.
02 Sep 2010
02 Sep 2010
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This resource is no longer available.