Presentation Transcript: Cloud-Managed WiFi-- The Next Step in Wireless Evolution

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Wireless networks are used as the backbone of business critical applications, but more applications are moving to the network increasing the need for a management system to help with centralized control. The system must be fast, secure, and easily integrated with wireless infrastructures, but finding a system with all of these requirements can be stressful for IT managers. How can you find a structure that will provide the features you are looking for without breaking the bank?

This presentation transcript discusses how implementing cloud managed wireless networks can tackle your IT challenges. Without a controller living on your wireless network, you’ll receive reliability and scalability, as well as centralized management, and a cost-effective infrastructure.  Learn how cloud managed wireless services can help your enterprise. For your convenience this presentation is also available as a podcast.


  • What a cloud managed wireless network is
  • How it can help manage your network
  • The benefits of moving your system to cloud
  • Study results: WLANs vs. Cloud based networks
  • And more
Feb 8, 2021
Aug 27, 2010
Presentation Transcript
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