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7 Things ISVs Must Know About Virtualization


Moving to a virtual infrastructure continues to be among the top-priority initiatives for independent software vendors (ISV) as a way to simplify their IT operations. By using virtualization to run large-scale applications, many ISVs have been able to make more effective use of development resources, save money and reduce time-to-market for software releases.

This white paper focuses on the specific benefits virtualization can bring to an ISV’s business and their customers. Learn the seven advantages software vendors can obtain by supporting their application with virtualization by:

  • Improving performance by running applications on virtual platforms.
  • Eliminating application scalability limitations by scaling out on multiple virtual machines.
  • Developing and deploying at a lower cost per application by using less hardware across all environments.
  • Allowing applications to run at maximum service levels with lower implementation and operating cost.
  • Simplifying many of the tasks needed to build, test, and deploy enterprise applications.
  • Accelerating the transition to the Cloud.
  • Shorten sales cycles, reduce support costs and improve customer satisfaction.
VMware, Inc.
17 Aug 2010
01 Jul 2010
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This resource is no longer available.