Uncompromising Reliability through Clustered Storage

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Corporations dealing with huge amounts of data being produced on a daily basis have a desire to move to clustered architectures based on industry-standard hardware to streamline their storage processes and lower their costs. Clustered network storage enables companies to gain significant advantages in scalability, performance and cost, but one key problem remains: reliability.

In designing a clustered storage system that is able to achieve multi-hundred terabyte single file systems spanning thousands of disks, and tens or even hundreds of nodes — all of which are potentially points of failure — new technologies must be developed that will also ensure enterprise class reliability. This white paper describes the limitations of traditional data protection technologies and examines Isilon IQ’s revolutionary new approach to ensuring data integrity and availability in large clustered storage environments. Access this paper now to learn more.

Isilon Systems
Feb 8, 2021
Feb 21, 2008
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