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Advancing Your Desktop Virtualization Pilot


It's important to set firm goals for your desktop virtualization pilot from the start. These goals will help you measure and track the success or failure of your project and determine the next steps in your desktop virtualization journey. In this session, the speakers will review and address the most common goals of a desktop virtualization pilot, including, improved productivity, increased reliability and reduced costs.


Michael Fox Consultant and author

Michael Fox is a network architect, consultant and author, specializing in desktop virtualization. He holds senior technical advisory positions with virtual desktop hosting providers IVDesk and tuCloud, is the primary author of the forthcoming book “Demystifying the Virtual Desktop”. He also actively consults with large public, private, government and educational organizations interested in virtual desktop technologies.

Aaron Kizer Dell Services
Dell, Inc. and Intel®
08 Jul 2010

This resource is no longer available.